dejonge_350Message from Bob DeJonge – THSADA President

Well we are about to start another new year.  This marks my 34th year in education and THSADA’s 43rd!  Those of you that have a few years under your belt like I do understand how much the role of an Athletic Administrator has changed over the years.  In many cases our key responsibilities centered on the events we were hosting and the budgets associated with them.  Today it’s an entirely different story.  We still have the events but now we have added several different dimensions to consider.  There are higher levels of accountability and expectations, our stakeholders know they have options so we have to provide a product that is both competitive and attractive.  Effective marketing and branding are now key elements to running a successful program.  These efforts not only serve to bring in additional dollars to help fund our programs but also help to sell our product to our communities.  This need is brought about by competition, not only among other schools both public and private but also clubs and all the various activities that families and kids find interesting.  These forms of competition are actually very motivating to us as AD’s.  After all we have spent our entire careers focused on winning.  Competition today is utilizing the best practices of hiring the finest coaches, offering competitive compensation, meaningful training to our staff, top notch equipment and facilities, entertaining game day experiences and of course being perpetually successful in the win column!

As our role as an AD has evolved so has that of our organization, over the last few years we have spent a great deal of time marketing the THSADA brand to give us a greater footprint in the state and national athletic communities.  Our growth has given us a greater voice with the UIL, boy and girls coaching associations, our state legislature and also nationally with the NIAAA and NFHS.  Superintendents across the state now have a better understanding of the important role athletics play in the educational setting.  We have been able to establish ourselves as leaders in the athletic community largely due to our continued efforts to grow quality athletic administrators.  Offering quality professional development opportunities to current and aspiring AD’s has really served as a catalyst for our growth.

Your role as an athletic administrator in THSADA has never been more important.  It is vital that we continue to seek involvement and commitment from all areas of the state.  From our members across the 8 Regions led by their Regional Directors to our standing committees such as retired AD’s, awards, recruiting, audit, exhibitor, middle school, membership, nominating, professional development, and publication, to our board of directors and our Executive Director everyone’s role is important.

Let’s all make a point of getting involved and increasing our scope of influence in the area of athletic administration.  Our membership has grown from a bit over 200 to 600 members in just a few short years.  We are considered to be one of the top three athletic administrator organizations in the country.  These are signs that we have a healthy organization that is attractive and exciting to be a part of.

Since we are all about competition – let’s see if we can get membership over 700, let’s see if we can get record numbers attending our state conference in Frisco and let’s get that overall ranking to #1.

On behalf of our board and Executive Director I hope that all of you have a tremendous year.  We look forward to serving you.


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