THSADA Spotlight: Marty Criswell

 Marty Criswell
I graduated from Austin High in Houston and was privileged to play football and receive my B.S. from Texas Tech.  I earned my M.S. at the University of Houston, Clear Lake City.  I spent nine years as an assistant coach at Dickinson, Texas City and Corsicana.  I was Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at Denison and Bryan for twenty-three years.  I am most honored to have been elected president of the Texas High School Coaches Association, coached the All Star Football Game and to be selected to the THSADA Hall of Honor.

I now have part-time positions mentoring middle school coaches in Bryan and am most blessed to serve the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  I also do in-service training for athletic departments.

I have always enjoyed my participation with the great athletic directors of Texas.  The collegial, collaborative atmosphere is unique and a tribute to the character of our athletic directors.  I appreciate Rusty and Kathy working so hard to help us all be more skilled and professional.  We have taken giant strides forward as an association and I am also thankful for efforts to take advantage of the experience of our retired athletic directors.

I hope to see all my friends in Frisco!