THSADA Spotlight: Meet the Candidates – VP Elections

 Voting for the position of THSADA Vice-President will begin on Monday, June 15th and conclude at midnight on Monday, June 29th, 2015.  Voting will be done on-line and only ACTIVE members of THSADA will be able to vote.  Active members will receive their ballot electronically via e-mail and will be able to cast their vote by returning the e-mail.
The winning candidate must have at least 50% of the vote to be declared the winner.  If not, we will have a run-off between the top two candidates.
 Mark Ball-Lubbock ISD-Region 1 Director

Region 1 – Mark Ball – Lubbock ISD

Executive Director of Athletics
25 years as an Athletic Administrator
THSADA Service:  Region Director/Host Committee for THSADA State Conference/Host of Region meetings in Region 1 and 3/Presenter at THSADA State Conference

Candidate Goals for THSADA:
Increase membership
Improve attendance and participation at Region meetings, TGCA Summer Clinic, THSCA Coaching School and THSADA State Conference
Grow and develop a partnership with TGCA and THSCA
Strengthen our relationship with UIL
Flourish our relationship with the college and university athletic directors in Texas

Candidate Growth Plan for THSADA:
Explore the possibility of dual membership with THSCA and TGCA
Consider the possibility of additional memberships including multi-year and lifetime.


Debbie Decker - Katy ISD-Region 5

Region 5 – Debbie Decker – Katy ISD

Executive Director of Athletics
15 years as an Athletic Administrator
THSADA Service:  Current Chair of the Awards Committee (served 3 years), served on various Host Committees over the last 14 years

Candidate Goals for the THSADA:
To build on the current initiative to provide professional development to all members of THSADA
Continue to strengthen the relationship with the UIL and work closely with them concerning the C&CR re-write, guidelines, committees and training for coaches/administrators.
Explore opportunities of having our association build a stronger relationship with the Texas Association of School Administrators

Candidate Growth Plan for THSADA:
The key to growing THSADA membership is to continue to provide value for THSADA members
Membership growth relies on the association ability to effectively communicate the value of membership to current and potential members



Region 6 – Dwayne Weirich – Round Rock ISD

Director of Athletics
7 years as an Athletic Administrator
THSADA Service:  Region 8 Region Director/Region 6 Region Director/Panel member at THSADA State Conference

Candidate Goals for the THSADA:
Continued emphasis on gaining new members for the organization
Continue to provide quality professional development opportunities for our membership
Create a bank of information related to our profession and the needs of our membership then make information accessible to assist all members as they perform their jobs
Search for ways to incorporate social media into how we do business and stay connected to membership
The THSADA must continue to align itself with Superintendents, Legislators, the UIL and the Coaches Association to provide support and be a strong advocate of athletics

Candidate Growth Plan for the THSADA:
Look to reach out to younger individuals who are entering the field of athletic administration for the first time
Continue to reach out to those Dual position administrators
Use social media to increase membership concepts
Continue to establish strong relationships with THSCA and other Associations


Victor Garza

Region 7 – Victor Garza – LaJoya ISD

Director of Athletics
14 years as an Athletic Administrator
THSADA Service:  twice-elected Region 7 Director

Candidate Goals for the THSADA:
Continue to be the voice of HS athletics
Maintain a strong alignment with other Associations to ensure we are meeting the needs of both coaches and student-athletes
Work with UIL to continue a strong professional relationship
Continue to be a voice for coaches and athletes with the Legislative Council

Candidate Growth Plan for the THSADA:
Continue with a strong professional development program at the State Conference
Continue a strong emphasis on Region meetings



Region 8 – Stan Laing – Northside ISD

Executive Director of Athletics

18 years in ISD Administration
THSADA Service:  Region 8 Region Director/3 time THSADA State Conference Speaker
Candidate Goals for the THSADA:
Ensure that the THSADA is a platform for all athletic directors across Texas to come together and be a resource for one another
Make sure our coaches have the support needed to help their student-athletes reach their potential in the area of their athletic talents, academics and development of strong character traits
Candidate Growth Plan for the THSADA:
Continue providing the needed resources of information our athletic directors need along with providing meaningful professional development opportunities
Reach out to aspiring athletic directors
Establish a value to being a part of the THSADA to dual position coordinators/coaches
Continue to work even closer with THSCA and TGCA